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Update – 21/09: I’m impressed with the response to this post! I have a list of 11 people (England, Scotland, Sweden, Finland, USA, Brazil) who have expressed interest in helping out.

People I know and have worked with before, and people who I haven’t met yet but will have the pleasure to eventually meet. We do have a good mix of skills and may need some additional support in the engineering side when we get to the point of executing the idea(s).

The plan is to kick off with some research, so I shall be sending some comms to the group soon.

Please do not hesitate in contacting me if you have any suggestions or if you know any contacts in organisations that work with refugees and can help us with some info from the frontline.

And if you are interested in joining us, email Thanks!

Dear colleagues and clients,

As I sit here and work on improving the experience of my client’s customers, I can’t help but feel I could be using my brain power and expertise to help families that are taking enormous risks to run away from conflict and terrible life conditions.

A UN report says that about 60 million people have been displaced due to violence (not only Syria). Only in 2014, an estimated 13.9 million people were newly displaced due to conflict and persecution. That’s huge!

So I am officially starting a group of collaborators to create digital services for refugees. We’ll need designers, developers, copywriters, translators and anyone willing to get involved.

Let’s work together to improve Human Experiences.

Please get in touch if you’re interested.


Rafael Schouchana